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TLC Childcare, Inc. in Gainesville, GA offers Christian-based childcare services, including preschool, daycare, and before and after-school programs. Our well-educated staff members are equipped with the latest in education materials to nurture the minds and imaginations of the kids in our care. Call us today at 770-534-4945 and become a part of the TLC family!

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Child Care Gainesville GA

At TLC Childcare, Inc., we believe that there is no mission more important than the care and healthy development of children. We know the gravity of the charge with which we’ve been tasked and we highly value the profound trust that parents put in our childcare services on a daily basis.

TLC Childcare is a family-owned and operated business with over 10 years’ experience in our field. We offer childcare services for infants to all kids through the age of 12, and open as early as 6am for our parents’ convenience. Our caring and dedicated teachers devote individual attention to each child, to help develop your child's cognitive, intellectual, social, and emotional skills. Our pledge to parents is to not only safeguard their children, but to go the extra step with our childcare services in making sure that each child is loved and educated every single day.

We at TLC Childcare realize that, when it comes choosing childcare services, what you’re really paying for is peace-of-mind. Our childcare services offer you that kind of confidence in a great location, and always at a reasonable price. Our commitment is to your family as a whole, and we work in cooperation with parents to ensure each child’s healthy development in a loving, Christian atmosphere. The goal of our childcare services is ultimately to help you, as a parent, minimize the everyday stress that accompanies the challenges of raising kids while also handling the responsibilities and demands of the modern world.

If you’re looking for a wholesome, nurturing environment for your precious little ones while you’re away, call TLC Childcare, Inc. in Gainesville, GA at 770-534-4945 today!

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